The most touching love letter in English

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The most touching love letter in English

Dear Wang little sister:

From see you one eye, I shit love you.
Your eyes close, I die; your eyes open, I come back to live. Your eyes close and open again and again,I die again and again.
Maybe you do not remember me, no matter. When you carefully look at me, you will one see clock feelings.
I think I should introduce myself? to you.
I call Li big great. Toyear 25
My home have four mouth people-papa, mama, I and DD.
I am a good man, in a big company work.
I do early fuck every day, so that I can have body to protect you.
Please come to eat and sleep with me, or I will cut my hair to be a monk, and find a place where many monks live in to over my life.

Like your people

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